What Is the Purpose of Rose Wines?

To set the right mood even from the beginning of this article – There is no purpose that cannot be assigned as rose wine’s purpose. Just like the colour of these wines dwells perfectly in between red and white, this pink pleasure can take the role of any red or white wine whatsoever. Even better, the fact that it is more versatile would make it the right choice when you really cannot decide. We all know that red wine is more preferred in winter days and white is reserved for summer and yes, you are guessing right – rose wines rule on both specters of the seasons changing.

Rose Wine in Australia

Another surprise to those who haven’t let themselves be dragged along the rose craze, pink is not the only colour that characterizes this variety. There are many shades of rose wine; some remind of orange, some of true pink, some are more reddish and others are so pale you can almost mistake them for white wine. It all depends on the fruit that is used as an addition to the grape and the grape itself. Rose wine in Australia comes in many of the colour varieties mentioned above, depending on the usage of ingredients such as honey, apricot and berries.

Some people say that rose wine should be the first if not the only wine choice for crispy summer nights. Whether this is true or not, it certainly is a reason enough to give it a try. As of lately, the popularity of rose wine has grown because many vineyards have decided to make their own special rose wine and the old practice of mixing white and red wine is long abandoned or simply diminished to a state of minimum.

The production of rose wine is actually far more complicated than that, hence the gentle colour and the sophisticated, forever in between taste. Although it is mostly sweet, there is some rose wine in Australia that is just a hint more on the dry side.

Finally, since rose wine has been pronounced the ideal summer wine, once the rays of the sun are saying their last goodbyes, you better hurry and pour yourself a glass of this tasty delight, put some old record on, such as the evergreen Summertime and allow yourself to indulge in the calming sensation – you might discover a whole new world waiting upon you through the prism of the pink glass.