A Purposeful Plan for a Safer Parking Lot


Anyone living in a large city has surely experienced the horrors of rush hour and knows what it’s like to be stuck in traffic for a whole eternity (well, I’m sure it felt like eternity). Whether it was due to poor traffic regulations or an obnoxious driver on the road, a boss doesn’t really care why a person is late, he cares that they are late. However, if you think about it, most of the frustration and delaying doesn’t not occur because one gets stuck in traffic, but because we’re all trying to find a free parking spot or there’s an overall chaos in the parking lot.

So if you’re by any chance a parking lot manager who gets complaints all the time, and want to avoid everyday stress and drama, it’s time to look at yourself first, and ask yourself what you can do to improve the parking lot experience for your customers, and in return improve your everyday experience on the work place.

First off, you need to know that most drivers don’t want to leave their cars in a shady parking lot. Keeping your parking lot clean should be your highest priority. This isn’t a costly investment, but you will get a lot out of it. Not only will this keep your regulars happy, but it will also attract more customers. Furthermore, you have to pay attention to the cracks on your parking lot’s asphalt. Even the smallest cracks on the asphalt can be a huge nuisance, so deal with them as soon as possible. Over time, the weather and heavy vehicle traffic will worsen the cracks and they can be a cause of damage to one of your customer’s cars. So it’s important you check for them regularly, and address them in a timely fashion.

Look to invest in traffic lights. You can easily find traffic lights online, and believe me, it’s a well worth investment. When rush hour hits, the crowded conditions that are bound to arise on your parking lot entrance can cost you a lot of money and most importantly – your nerve. However, bare in mind that you can control the traffic lights from the comfort of your cabin, using controllers. Buying traffic lights online will give you the options of picking either 1 or 2 aspect lights. This is what makes controlling traffic very easy and simple and quite suitable even for people who aren’t very tech-savvy.

And lastly, make sure you get rid of all oil stains and repaint your parking lines. These are both minor investments which will make your parking lot look a lot cleaner and neat. We are all visual creatures, there’s no point in denying it and most of us often make decision on the basis of what we see. So if they see a good looking, clean parking lot, they’re likely to choose your services!