Computer Desk Foot Rest Can Increase Your Productivity and Relieve Stress

Sitting in front of the computer can cause serious problems for your body such as back pain, neck pain and discomfort or poain i your legs and arms. However, modern science, especially ergonomic science has found a way to deal with this problem. I am sure that many of you have heard about ergonomics, but not many people know that a footrest has the same importance as others ergonomic accessories. In this article, we will go through reasons why computer desk foot rest can increase your productivity and diminish the unnecessary stress your body endures.Computer Desk Foot Rest

It’s no secret that sitting for eight hours in front of a computer can have devastating effects. A computer desk foot rest will allow you to maintain the right ergonomic posture. The right ergonomic composure consists of placing your hips higher than your knees and keeping your feet in a relaxing and movable position. It can reduce the pressure on your lower back and it can help adjust your legs at any give time thus decreasing the physical pain that disturbs your working rhythm.

Another thing that bad leg positioning can cause is bad blood circulation. Nevertheless, if you keep your feet on the foot rest, the chance of getting circulatory disorder will decrease greatly. Your legs will remain in the right angle and you would not get tired of sitting so often and the pressure on your back and spine will be greatly reduced.

A lot of company owners (whose emploees are required to work for eight hours in front of a computer) do not know about the benefits of ergonomic products in general. However, the companies that know this and invest into ergonomic equipment (chairs, footrests, monitor holders and more) have annual results that revealed that the overall productivity of the company has increased more than 20 % and so has the profit.

Even if you use a footrest, do not forget to move and be active. Experts say that in order to maintain your body’s optimal level of proper functioning, for every 30 minutes of sitting you need to have at least 2-3 minutes of walking, streching, etc. However, in some situations, you cannot do that (when you have deadlines, or you are in the creative zone), but by using an ergonomic footrest, you can prolong the time until your next rest.

Experts have agreed that the best position while sitting on a computer is to be slightly reclined, with a synchrony mechanism that offers you the chance to move wherever you want. Your muscles will be more relaxed and the pressure inside the lumber disc will decrease.

Whether working for two or eight hours in front of a computer, investing in a footrest is the best thing you can do to prevent many unwanted efffects. It is reliable, well built and will last you for years, while keeping your knees and back in a perfectly healthy condition.