Cycle to Work and Help Save the Earth (And Your Health Too)

Currently trending on the climate change scene is Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Before the Flood” documentary. It focuses on how fast climate changes are happening and how parts of the world can disappear much sooner than the scientific elite in the field predicted.

Although Leo’s decision to stream his movie before the upcoming elections in the US has its purpose, the topic this movie elaborates on concerns a much wider public: every single one of us. How do we fit in this battle and are we as individuals able to do something significant about it? While many would argue that our impact on the climate as individuals is nothing compared to the one that big industry corporations have, we still can’t neglect the fact that on a daily level, we all contribute to the contamination of the atmosphere.


We’re all familiar with the greenhouse effect; the gasses that trap the heat delivered to Earth with sunlight keep a temperature on our planet’s surface that allows us to live on it (otherwise life as we know it wouldn’t be possible because Earth’s temperature would be -19 degrees Celsius). Although the greenhouse effect is a necessity, it doesn’t mean we should exaggerate with the production of these gasses, which is what we’re doing in fact. And that’s where our individual contribution to the atmosphere’s destruction takes place: our cars.

Cars are an amazing means of transportation that literally make life much easier. But, the gasses they emit, carbon dioxide taking the first place, do more damage on the long term than the benefits of owning a car. Add to that the fact that there is a staggering number of cars in use on this planet, and you have the recipe for a global disaster.

On the global map of fighters against destruction of our planet, Australia is on a rather low place. One way this is measured is how many citizens of a certain country are using alternative ways of transportation: bikes. You could guess who holds the first spot in devoted search for hybrid bikes for sale, right? Denmark and the Netherlands, of course, where cycling is law-regulated. We, on the other hand, are falling behind.


So how do we improve our contribution to the war against climate changes?

Well, first, we can all start looking for a hybrid bicycle for sale, following the example of the northern countries. Hybrid bikes are just the right type of bikes for people who find cycling to work a very urban and convenient way of transportation, and also consider cycling a recreational sport activity. Here it’s important to mention that cycling promotes overall good health and it is a great activity for people fighting obesity. Among other health benefits is the fact that cycling allows you to develop your physical condition and endurance, better heart work and blood circulation, as well as detoxification by sweating. So why waiting? Find a hybrid bicycle for sale and reap all the benefits.

While it’s up to the authorities to provide the best conditions so that the Australian cycling culture becomes a part of the average Aussie’s everyday life, it’s up to our consciousness to understand this change and embrace it. Maybe the best way to do that is to think of it as a win-win scenario: if we turn to cycling as a way to get to work (when possible, of course) using our calories instead of fuel and gasses, we’d be helping the planet, saving money and becoming hotter. Makes sense, doesn’t it?