Purpose of Distance Measuring Wheels

A measuring wheel has been something people have used to measure distance with since the 17th century. It certainly has had many names over the years, one of the first names was the surveyor’s wheel and was mainly used to measure distances between places like towns and cities. The device has also been called clickwheel and trundle wheel, but today we all know it as the measuring wheel and is designed to measure long distances quickly and easily.

Many industries rely on the measuring wheel when a large distance needs to be measured at an efficient pace. There are many different varieties and options in measuring wheels that you can choose from; there are specifically designed small wheels for indoors, and larger ones designed for outdoor use. Also depending on your needs, you have the option of choosing a mechanical counter or an electronic counter. The mechanical counter can only count one unit measurement, which is great if you are using the wheel for the same thing over and over again. The electronic counter, however, can count multiple types of unit measurement, which is great for someone who needs to measure a variety of terrains and spaces. Distance measuring wheels can especially come in handy for measuring different kinds of terrain and spaces.

Distance Measuring Wheels

For someone who has the luxury of owning a garden, knowing the size of how big your garden space is can especially come in handy when deciding what to plant. Knowing the measurements of your space will let you draw up and map out where each individual plant will go without overcrowding or under using your space. Using other traditional methods to measure like a measuring tape can get quite awkward and frustrating if the space is large. With a measuring wheel, you can get around all the contours and perimeters with ease. A distance measuring wheels with a dual action can make this particularly easy; with the dual function you can push the wheel backwards and forwards.

Distance measuring wheels can prove particularly useful to people who are in the contractor and building business. There have been specifically designed measuring wheels made just for measuring the inside perimeters of buildings. It is more intended for builders and contractors, but if you’re planning to do a little home renovation then this measuring wheel may prove useful for you at home. Unlike the conventional measuring wheel, this specifically designed for indoor use measuring wheel is smaller and more accurate. It only measure distance, so when a surveyor today uses one, it is to roughly measure the distance of one place to another where accuracy isn’t of the utmost importance.

Now while they are mostly accurate, if the surface is rough or bumpy the measurement can sometimes come out inaccurate. This used to prove particularly difficult when trying to measure railroad tracks, but over the years this has changed and you can now purchase measuring wheels specifically designed for measuring railroad tracks. While most measuring wheels are intended to be used by someone who is on foot, this measuring wheel needs to be attached to a train engine. It has metal plates on the sides to keep the wheel on the track so it can get accurate measurements. Seeing as the use of this kind of measuring wheel is limited, it tends to be a more expensive item.

So as you can see there are many different types of distance measuring wheels fit for almost everyone’s individual needs. When purchasing a measuring wheel you should base your decision on whether you need to measure inside or outside; if you need to measure more than one unit of measure, and how accurate you wish the results to be. You can try to find a supplier near you, or browse a selection of measuring wheels online.