Eureka! Here’s Every Purpose of Manuka

Superfoods, such as royal jelly, bee pollen and evening primrose oil, have become so popular over the last few years. It seems like nearly everyone and anyone is consuming them, trying to get the most benefits out of each. Being healthy and living an active lifestyle is something that we all strive to do, so maybe you should consider incorporating another product of the worker bees into your superfood group, the Mnuka honey. Not only is it a great superfood, it also has a whole bunch of other uses which you may not known about.


Known as the product of New Zealand manuka bush, Australia also has own manuka plant cultivated by local farmers. You can find Australian-made Manuka honey online, just make sure the one you get is of high UMF (quality trademark and grading system). The higher the UMF, the higher the strength and quality. Once you do decide to buy Manuka honey online, always buy it from a source you can trust, a health food store that is in compliance with the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing and has its products listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

When it comes to medical uses of Manuka honey, the most common and popular way of using this honey seems to be for the treatment of minor burns and cuts. The medical benefits and uses, however, do not stop there. Some of the other ways that Manuka honey is utilized medicinally includes the treatment of cancer, for reducing high cholesterol, to help treat gastrointestinal problems, reducing systemic inflammation, the treatment of eye, ear, and sinus related infections, as well as treating diabetes.

The reason why Manuka honey is commonly used in the treatment or aid of these conditions and outdoes regular honey so easily is the fact that it is filled with more potent vitamins and minerals, all of which boost the immune system. Some of the vitamins and minerals you will find in Manuka honey include sodium, potassium, manganese, iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, B vitamins, amino acids, and zinc. No wonder it is considered a superfood; all you need is about 1 spoonful a day and let the Manuka honey do its thing.


Some of the benefits of this honey go as follows:

  1. Manuka honey can calm bacteria in the stomach and prevent SIBO, low stomach acid, and acid reflux. It also balances your digestive system and heals the stomach.
  2. It helps clear your skin of acne and eczema. There are healing properties that help your skin heal itself – apply to affected area for a few minutes then rinse off.
  3. Manuka honey helps prevent and heal staph infections. Most of you know these can be nasty and can lead to surgery and worse. Using this on cuts and wounds will help keep MRSA at bay.
  4. It can also help with minor burns, wounds, and ulcers. It can speed up recovery time and aid with the pain. It is rich in antioxidants, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties which help with these kind of wounds.
  5. Tooth decay and gingivitis are a thing of the past. Recent studies show that with regular intake of Manuka honey can decrease plaque and bleeding gums by 35%!
  6. Manuka honey can help heal and aid with inflammatory bowel disease or inflammation in the bowels.
  7. Manuka honey can help you through the cold and flu season. It has been shown to stimulate immune cells as well as healing a sore throat. Take a spoonful and feel better instantly.
  8. It can also help with seasonal allergies like hay fever. This will save you money and time running around looking for medications.
  9. It is a natural beauty product. Using it as a mask can help your skin glow; it increases your skins tone and texture, it can also be used for hair for shine, making you look healthy inside and outside.
  10. Manuka honey can also regulate your sleep by helping you sleep easy and replenishing vital organs.

Manuka honey is a great health food and you should consider investing in some for your health and well being. You can easily find and purchase Manuka honey online or you can try to check out your local health food store to see if they stock it. Most of us want to give our bodies the best food it can have and Manuka honey is a great way to start.