Happy Campers: The Purpose of Picking a Quality Tent

There’s no doubt that camping is in our DNA. And it’s totally understandable – there are few spots on Earth that have such delightfully sunny weather and picturesque nature like Australia does. So, needless to say, many of us Aussies have the habit of heading out in nature every weekend, holiday, and every single time our hectic lives allow us. Since we tend to camp so often, we also want top quality gear that can ensure our trip is enjoyable. And when it comes to choosing a tent, I’m sure none of you wants anything else but the best.4 men tent


Let’s be honest here, when we venture out in nature, we all want to bring a bit of homey comfort with us. Therefore, it’s essential that we pick a shelter that can provide us with the right amount of comfort we need to make our camping experience enjoyable. Therefore, a tent that’s too small can really feel crowded and uncomfortable to stay in. For instance, if two people are sharing a tent, a 2-man tent won’t be enough for storing gear and sleeping comfortably. For that reason, consider the range of 3 or 4 man tents for sale. A family might consider an even bigger tent, as it is likely to have separate rooms where everyone can have their own space. But remember, the bigger the tent the heavier it will be to carry. If you’re backpacking it’s usually better not to bring much gear with you and pick a lightweight one-man tent.

Protection Against Rain

When you’re going camping, the last thing you’d want is for bad weather to spoil all the fun. If there happens to be unforeseen rain, you should at least be able to hang out in the tent until it goes away without having to worry about leaks. Whether you’re considering 3 or 4 man tents for sale, make sure to check their waterproof rating. A rating of at least 2000mm is enough to keep you dry, and the higher the rating the more waterproof the tent will be. However, remember that moisture can also enter the tent from the ground. Considering this, make sure that the tent comes with good bottom insulation, like for instance heavy duty PVC flooring.


If you’re going on a summer camping adventure, your tent should stay cool inside. A tent that has proper ventilation through windows and screened doors will make you feel comfortable on hot and sunny days, and can be especially convenient for taking it with you on the beach. Also, check whether the materials used are UV resistant if you plan on staying at a spot that’s directly under the sun. If you want your tent to serve you all year round, check its seasons rating. A 1 or 2 season tent is usually suitable for warm and mild weather only. On the other hand, tents that are 3 or 4 season offer a great amount of insulation to protect you from the cold if you’re camping during the winter, on a high mountain, or in the desert where temperatures can drastically drop during the night.