Mowers: Purposeful Tools That Transform Any Lawn

There are two things a garden cannot go without: a mower and a devoted owner. While I cannot influence your level of devotion, I can surely guide you to properly choose a lawn mower since not all are create equal. In fact, there are three basic types that differ largely, especially when it comes to the way they are powered.

It doesn’t really matter whether you’ll be getting your lawn mower from an online or physical store as long as you know which features to look for and which type won’t break your bank, while be useful to you in the long run. There are three basic types of lawn mowers: reel, electric and petrol.

Lawn Mower

Reel Mower

The manual lawn mower type. This one is suitable for the owner who doesn’t have extra space to mow, wants to save some extra money and has some extra strength and time. Why is that so? Well, in addition to being the least expensive type, these mowers need your physical force (in the form of a push in order to function. They are also loved by environmentalists since they do no damage to nature. They are also very quiet, so you”ll be able to get the job done without causing disturbance to the neighborhood. They feature metal blades that spin when the user pushes across the lawn area. Small and flat yards are the perfect match for this type.

Electric Mower

When you need some extra force, but you want to save yours, electric does the trick! These mowers have to be connected to the mains supply and they are suitable for mowing larger lawns. You could of course choose this type even if you own a small one but you want the job done easily and faster. You do have to mid what period of the day you use sch mower cause it can get a bit loud. Also, for large lawns, it is recommendable to get a longer cord so that your movement is not restricted. And you should always be careful not to entangle the cord around some tree, shrub or fence. Or you can decide to get a corldless electric model, which has all the benefits of the ones with cord, but less the fuss.

Petrol Mower

Petrol is for power, punctuality and precedence. A petrol mower gives you maximum force, it can be used to mow very large yards, even a sports ground and you can do all of that without relying on a cord or battery. This convenience comes at a higher price, so it’s good to look for discounts, especially online, however if you own a big place, it’s a smart investment.