Printer Ink Cartridges: Reasons to Seek Supreme Quality

I really get annoyed when my brand new printer creates prints that are faded, dull and look like they came from a 90s printer (even those look better). Did you know that by using good quality ink you won’t need to buy a new printer for years to come? In this article, I will help you find the best print ink Australia retailers have to offer and you will be able to create the best prints with ease.
Firstly, there are dozens of brands – yet one brand sits at the throne of ink and you’ve probably heard it before – Epson.


Whenever I hear about cartridges, I always think about my Nintendo ones (nostalgia kicks in), but when speaking about printers, the cartridge is the plastic part where the print ink is placed. There’s no doubt that Epson, backed by years of experience offer the best printer ink Australia wide.

Built to Last

Even though it is a consumable material, the Epson printer ink is so good that instead of wasting two – three ink cartridges from other brands, you will only need one of this kind. One of their best qualities is that they spent the right amount of ink, yet offer high-quality prints.


While other cartridges are around $500-$600, Epson offers the most affordable price on the market. They cost around $200 and together with Canon, they are the best printer ink Australia retailers offer. Great quality at great price, who could ask for anything more?



While a lot of ink manufacturers only create ink for their own printer, the ink cartridges from Epson are compatible with older models thus making them more flexible for any user. Over the years a lot of manufacturers have decided to stop production for their older models, however, Epson has created a compatibility chart that you can easily find your older model, and see which newer ink cartridge is compatible with your older printer.

Refill is a Bad, Bad Choice

When I hear people talk how they plan on refilling their cartridges, I get angry. Did you know that when you refill your cartridge, the chance to cause a problem in your printer increases? Every time you use a refilled cartridge you cut functional years of your printer? That’s why, buying brand new good quality printer ink is the way to go if you want a long-lasting and fully functional printer in the years to come.


It is easy to make no research at all and just refill your ink cartridge. However, with the aforementioned information, you now know how to handle things. You know which are the good and the bad options and hopefully you’ll make the best investment for your printer.