The Undeniably Important Purpose of Bicycle Helmets

bicycle helmets

Half of all bicycle accidents are lower speed crashes that occur after slipping on sand, hitting a hole or a parked car, a tree, or just messing around (which is a very common thing when kids ride bikes). They are very common, but sometimes very damaging especially if the head is not protected. And while a skinned knee will heal in short period of time, your brain might is a whole different story. According to many studies, bicycle helmets reduce this risk of injury by 85%, which is why Australia made wearing bicycle helmets mandatory. The mandatory helmet laws were first introduced in Victoria in 1990 and later on in many other states like New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland, in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, and in the Australian Capital Territory.

Managing to stay safe on the road is of vital importance, and bike helmets are a valuable piece of equipment that can provide riders with the needed protection and safety in case of a fall while riding a bike. The main purpose of bicycle helmets is to protect the riders from head injuries and prevent fatal ones from occurring, which is why wearing one properly is fundamental for acquiring its benefits. Finding the perfect fit (size and shape wise) is a must for making the most of your helmet.

In addition, wearing the perfect fit can improve one’s capacity to see other drivers/riders on the road when the weather is less than ideal since the helmet can keep water and snow out of one’s eyes. Another great option is to choose a helmet with a visor which can be extremely beneficial for both protecting your eyes from water and direct sunlight.

Wearing a bike helmet during wet and chilly weather can keep your head dry. Except for being the perfect insulators, bike helmets can hold up the heat coming out of the body, making you feel warm and comfortable while riding. Not only does a bicycle helmet protect your head, eyes, and brain, it can also protect your face from some major facial injuries that can be extremely painful and costly if a medical intervention is needed.

Lastly, if you are a parent, wearing a bike helmet is not only crucial for your safety, but also for setting an example for your children and keep them safe as well. Your role as a parent is to be a good example, and by implementing the use of bike helmets, you can protect yourself and set the basis of such cycling habit for your children.