What Is the Purpose of Different Types of Dogs Beds

Most dog owners would agree that we all love our dogs like they are part of the family, so it’s only natural we want to provide them with the best we can offer. Dogs, just like people, want a comfy place to sleep at night so most of us will designate a specific spot for our pooch pals to sleep. While some of you may not think that a dog bed is necessary, some of you might, and if you ask me, why not give your dog the best treatment you can.

But how do you know what kind of bed your dog should be sleeping in? Well just like there are different dogs there are different types of dogs beds to meet their individual needs. Most of this is based on their size, coat, breed and so on. Below we’ll go over the differences between different types of dogs beds to give you a rough understanding on which bed would be perfect for your pet.

Dog in Bed

If you own a small to medium size dog you should know that you have a lot of options to choose from. You want something that is more compact and big enough for your dog. Buying a bed that is too big can make your dog feel lonely and insecure so you want to look for a bed that is just big enough for your dog to be able to stretch out comfortably. Smaller dogs are also prone to get cold so make sure you place the bed somewhere warm or cover them with a small blanket. The most popular choice when it comes to a small or medium bed is the nest bed. They are typically in a round or oval shape with cushioned sides to offer your pet added comfort and protection. You want to make sure there is enough filling so your dog can’t feel the floor underneath.

If you have a really big dog, the best beds you can buy are usually made thicker and from some kind of memory foam so that there is enough cushioning and space from your dog to the floor. However, if your dog is really big, the foam can flatten out over time so you will need to replace it. If this seems like too much work you can always DIY it and buy a mattress with springs that were intended for a crib. This kind of mattress will give your dog more support and will last longer.

Dog in Dog Bed

If your dog seems to get really cold then you can buy a bed that is more like a cave. These are basically a mattress with some kind of dome over the top of it. This is definitely more snug and will protect your dog from cold breezes. These beds are great for dogs who like to burrow themselves into the blankets or cushions.

If you are concerned about the shedding of hair, or if you have a dog with particularly long hair then you should know that they can get hot really fast. The best style bed for this particular kind of dog is most definitely the cot bed. It’s usually made from mesh and it is elevated off the ground with some kind of legs. This provides air circulation around your dog which will be sure to keep them cooler. They are durable and will last a long time, not to mention that they are much easier to clean and dry quickly.

Hopefully after reading this guide, choosing the right types of dogs beds for your pooch will come much easier. There are so many varieties that are meant to cater to specific dogs, breeds and coats. If you are still unsure ask your vet, or do a search online.