The Purpose of Some of the Most Common Pieces of Welding Equipment

Welding is a profession that takes a trained and skilled hand to do. There are also a long list of drawbacks and hazards that come along with it, such as the daily spasms of back pain from being bent over for so long, the eye strain from the torch, the risk of getting seriously burned for even a moment of carelessness and so on. It is undeniably a difficult job. Though exactly how difficult depends on a few things, but the most vital element is always the tools that are used.

As with any profession or specialized field, there are too many available tools to be able to properly name and go through them all. But, while a lot are superfluous and only give some benefits that you can take or leave, there are a few key ones that are essential equipment that every welder needs.

One such piece of equipment is the welding mask. There are different types and shapes of a mask, but a very useful variety is the auto darkening welding mask. The thing that this specific kind of mask can give you that others can’t is (as the name suggests) the visor that can adapt to the level of light that the torch puts out in order to protect your eyes as much as possible. But, regardless if you get the auto darkening welding mask or any other one, this is one of the most essential pieces of protective equipment.

welding helmet

The next thing to consider is proper clothing. The typical welder “uniform” is comprised of heavy-duty gloves, a jacket, sleeves, chaps, sleeves and a welding apron. The thing that differentiates this set of clothes from any other type of work gear is that for the safety of the welder, they are all made out of special non-flammable material. This is important, since anything that can catch fire easily doesn’t offer any protection at all against major burns and injuries, and as such needs to be avoided at all costs.

Of course, the most obvious tool that a welder would need is his welding torch. A torch is a piece of equipment that uses fuel gases and oxygen in order to weld and cut metals. There are of course different types of torches that are distinguished mainly by the temperature that their flame can reach as well as their fuel source. But, in the end, they all serve the same purpose.

There are also other tools that can be very useful when welding. There are basic hand tools like screwdrivers and wrenches, power tools, measuring equipment and so on. However, these are run of the mill items that can be found in any garage, whereas the above mentioned pieces of equipment are what no welder can do anything without.